Booker T. Jones, III, is the Executive Director of SPEACHER and creator of the Name Positivity programs. Name Positivity is a unique empowerment tool addressing character enrichment, human relations and problem solving. Products and services arm adults and youth with the mindset and skills needed to cope, overcome and succeed in this diverse, dynamic and ever changing world.


Booker's clients have included Fortune 500 Companies, insurance organizations, non-profit organizations, private schools, youth organizations and group homes.


Booker is a graduate of Bernard M. Baruch College, School of Business and Public Administration, City University of New York (CUNY), where he earned his BBA degree. Booker spent over twenty years in various commercial underwriting roles with several insurance companies including; Aetna; CIGNA; and Allstate.

In this industry he earned a reputation for demonstrating exemplary customer service excellence evidenced by his ability to establish and build strong agency-company relationships for their mutual benefits. Booker's corporate experience also includes working in the health insurance industries with Medicaid and Medicare. In his various customer service, leadership and mentoring roles he received consistent recognition for customer service excellence.


He holds the professional designation Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU).

Booker has been a professional trainer since 1990. Ten years were spent as a certified instructor for Dale Carnegie Training, Inc., one of the world's leading training organizations for corporate and professional development. He is an approved instructor for Georgia's Department of Insurance. In this capacity he has created and instructed continuing education ethics courses for insurance agents. He is also an approved trainer for Georgia's Department of Human Resources (DHR).


Booker is also affiliated with Elijah Herald, a 501(c)3, non-profit organization whose purpose is to bring positivity into a world of negativity by helping children to realize their self-worth.

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